Floor and Carpet Maintenance

Who says your stone floors can’t be as good as new – even several years after installation? When you choose Allan Industries, Inc. to provide you with stone honing services, you get crew members who are trained to use the right equipment and products on your marble floor surfaces.

It all starts with the equipment. Our crew members use a specially-weighted floor machine that’s designed to restore and beautify marble surfaces. First, our crew uses a diamond-cutting disc that hones the floor to remove any small lips and scratches. The diamond disc is applied with water to keep the contact surfaces cool during the process.

Wet marble residue is then vacuumed with a wet-dry vacuum, and the diamond honing is repeated five more times using a disc of a higher grit count. Each pass with the weighted machine results in a smoother surface than the previous pass.

Once the stone is honed to an appropriate degree, our crew applies a polishing compound that results in a shine that resembles the original factory brilliance.

To get your stone floors honed back to their original brilliance, contact us today!