Fire & Smoke Damage Cleanup

When the unthinkable happens and your office or building is impacted by fire and/or smoke damage, you want the damage fixed and the odor eliminated as soon as possible so you can get back to business. Allan Industries, Inc. offers smoke and fire damage restoration services that bring your business back to normal quickly and effectively.

Walls & Ceiling Damage – No matter how heavy or noticeable smoke and soot deposits are, we clean all your affected walls, ceilings and woodwork to ensure complete removal of visible damage and elimination of smoke odors. For soot and smoke deposits that discolor painted surfaces, we clean these surfaces in preparation for repainting – and can even do the repainting if you choose.

Furniture Damage – We remove soot and odors from dressers, tables, chairs and similar wood furniture. Then, we carefully polish each piece to restore its finish. In certain cases, refinishing furniture may be necessary due to excessive heat or soot damage.

Carpet and Upholstery Damage – The first step to restoring carpet and upholstery is our expert analysis and testing. Once these steps are complete, we can determine the right combinations of shampoos and cleaning methods that will bring your fabrics back to life. Cleaning and deodorizing is done during the same process to ensure all signs of damage are eliminated.

Oriental carpets can be particularly problematic, but Allan Industries’ services include on-site cleaning and, if necessary, removal for services performed by a certified oriental carpet cleaning specialist.

Deodorization – Every step of our restoration process is focused on the removal of odors (fire, smoke and water). It doesn’t matter how clean your walls and furniture are, if they smell of smoke, fire or stagnant water, they are still dirty. We use powerful deodorizers in our cleaners and shampoos to tackle these tough odors. For more stubborn odors, we have access to thermal fogging, ozone, and encapsulation techniques that will do the job.

Content Pack-out Services – When damage to your space is so severe that extensive repairs are required, you may need to move the contents of your space to a secondary location. Allan Industries, Inc. provides packing, moving and storage services that ensure the safety and security of your property at all times.

Contents Cleaning – Our technicians are experts at cleaning just about any item. From delicate electronics and art to larger items like furniture, our crew knows the right way to remove smoke and other deposits to restore your items back to pre-loss conditions. Items with smoke damage are unpacked, cleaned and re-packed in our climate-controlled facility and then held delivery. Depending on the extent of damage, this process includes dry cleaning of clothing, as smoke and related odors often penetrate closets and dressers. Some clothing can be rush dry cleaned and returned quickly while the rest is cleaned and stored for delivery.

HVAC/Ductwork Cleaning – Not only can HVAC systems carry smoke and soot throughout a building, they can become contaminated themselves. If not properly cleaned and treated, an HVAC system can redistribute smoke and soot particles during every cycle. As part of the restoration process, we clean your HVAC system using powerful vacuum trucks that remove soot and smoke from your ducts and air handlers. The ducts are finished with sealants and deodorizers and all filters are replaced as necessary, leaving your system like-new.

Fire & Smoke Reconstruction – When damage to your property requires extensive repairs or even reconstruction, Allan Industries can survey the damage and determine the necessary work. From there, we can assemble an estimate for your insurance company’s approval and oversee the reconstruction and repair process – right down to the interior decorating.

Large Loss Disasters – With over 1,000 well-trained employees, Allan Industries provides immediate response to even the largest disasters. Office buildings, manufacturing plants, condominiums, churches and schools are all within our scope of capabilities. No matter what type of disaster strikes, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to getting you reopened quickly and we do our absolute best to limit your downtime.