Mission Statement

Allan Industries, a leader in the janitorial and restoration services industries, strives to support our customers to create clean, healthy and productive business, learning and living environments. We are “custodians” of the buildings we service… through responsible systems and sustainable technology, we promote asset value and realize efficient results. We are “custodians” of the service partners we assist… through attentive communication and a strategic use of resources, we “stand in your shoes” and deliver personalized service. We are “custodians” of the coworker’s we support… through our passion for excellence and by our thoughtful efforts, we promote each other’s wellbeing and success.

Custodian: “Someone who keeps and protects something valuable for another person.”
– Merriam-Webster

Core Principles & Commitments

• Our goal is to provide efficiently clean buildings and to do so in a socially responsible and environmentally sensitive manner.
• We strive to be proactive, exceed expectations, and anticipate our service partner’s requests.
• We are committed to adapting to ever changing client needs and to embracing market
• With every effort we make, our intent is to create lasting relationships and develop strong service partnerships.
• We are committed to delivering on the promises we make and to keeping our word.
• We support a corporate culture that inspires our employees to fulfill their personal goals and to
evolve as individuals.
• We are committed to be good citizens in our community and in support of our clients.
• We strive to be a benchmark in our industry by which all other service providers are compared.
“Allan Industries – We are your custodian!”