Mold Remediation

Mold abatement, or the removal of all traces of mold from a home, office building or other space, is no longer a simple process. History has taught us that, in many cases, improper mold remediation can be worse than no mold remediation at all. Often, it’s the unintentional spreading of mold spores during removal that causes mold and its effects to spread throughout a structure – putting the remediation process back to square one.

Allan Industries, Inc., technicians have received IICRC certification in the proper removal and remediation of mold and have been trained in the use of engineering controls that prevent the spread of mold during the process. These safeguards protect workers and inhabitants before, during and after the remediation process.

Once mold remediation is complete, we use a third-party, independent industrial hygienist to conduct scientific tests that will indicate whether proper abatement and remediation has been completed. Our job isn’t done until all mold has been abated and your space is turned over to you clean and ready to get back to business.