Water Damage Remediation

Water damage comes in many forms, but usually happens as the result of a fire (water from sprinklers, fire department hoses), or weather (hurricanes, etc.) No matter where your water damage came from, one thing is clear – it has to be fixed, and it has to be fixed fast. Allan Industries, Inc. offers a line of services that don’t treat water damage and also other potentially hazardous situations, including:

Sewage Cleaning & Sanitizing – When weather strikes and causes backed up storm drains and sewer systems, waste lines from your home or property can get backed up, sending unpleasant and potentially hazardous sewage into your space. Even if the effluent looks clean and clear, it must be assumed that it carries infectious bacteria that are hazardous to humans. These can include E. Coli, and Hepatitis A and B. Without proper cleaning and sanitizing, it’s possible for the bacteria to spread and infect those who come in contact with contaminated objects and surfaces. Removing the effluent and sanitizing must be your #1 priority.

Allan industries, Inc. will clean and treat all affected areas in accordance with IICRC standards. These standards ensure the highest levels of safety and decontamination. Items that cannot be treated to these standards will be removed for proper disposal.

Water Damage Reconstruction – It’s possible that water damage to your property may require extensive repairs – in some cases, complete reconstruction – in order to bring you back to pre-loss status. Allan Industries, Inc. provides complete demolition, reconstruction and finishing/redecorating services. We’re able to survey your damage and work with you to determine the right scope of work and then assemble an estimate for the approval of your insurance company. Once your estimate is approved, we send our skilled people to work until the job is done right.

With over 1000 trained Allan Industries employees at the ready, we can respond immediately to even the largest of water damage disasters – getting you reopened ASAP and saving valuable time and money in the process.